WATCH: Savita's parents call for voters to repeal the Eighth Amendment 4 years ago

WATCH: Savita's parents call for voters to repeal the Eighth Amendment

Savita Halappanavar’s parents ask the people of Ireland to remember their daughter when it comes to making their decision this Friday.

On 21 October 2012, Halappanavar was taken to University Hospital in Galway, due to "unbearable back pain and pelvis pain".


As stated by her husband, she had asked several times over the following few days that the pregnancy be terminated after spending days in severe pain.

She asked for a medical termination but was refused one because the foetal heartbeat was still present. Halappanavar spent another two days "in agony" before the foetal heartbeat stopped.

On 28 October 2012, Halappanavar died due to septicaemia following a miscarriage at the 17-week gestation mark.

In the lead up to 2018's Eighth Amendment vote, the image and story of Savita has been used in both the Yes and No side of the debate.


Over the weekend, Savita's father Andanappa and his wife Akhmedevi, who holds a framed picture of Savita throughout the video, released a video statement with the Together For Yes campaign, urging people to remember their daughter when it comes time to vote on Friday 25 May.

Clip via Together For Yes

The full statement of the video reads as follows:


"My dear brothers and sisters of Ireland, I am Savita’s unfortunate father Andanappa. Speaking on the historic event of repeal of the 8th amendment. The day of the people of the island who now know the pain and the memory of our loving daughter Savita.

"No family in future should have to undergo what we have gone through, the worry and sorrow that’s still persistent in our hearts even after some six years. The life that Savita had, she had a very long life to lead, but it was cut down mercilessly, dead.

"Savita loved the people of Ireland. Lots of people say that Savita’s death hurt the entire Irish society. I strongly feel that the younger daughters of Ireland should not have the fate of Savita. I hope that people in Ireland will remember the fate of our daughter Savita on the day of the referendum and vote Yes so that what happened to us won’t happen to any families.

"And by doing this you will be paying a great debt to the departed soul. Thanking you very much."