Say it ain't so? Irish men ranked as the ugliest in the world by dating site for 'beautiful people' 7 years ago

Say it ain't so? Irish men ranked as the ugliest in the world by dating site for 'beautiful people'

We’ve got some bad news for you lads and believe us when we say it’s not pretty, quite literally in this case.

We’d like to think that Irish menfolk are a fairly realistic bunch of blokes and that we’d have no problem admitting that as a nation, that we’re probably not the best-looking nation in the world; the instant popularity of male foreign exchange students, whether they be French, Spanish, Italian or otherwise, amongst Irish females when we were still in school taught us that from an early age.


At the same time, we’d like to think that we’re not that bad to look at either, but a new survey published by the folks at the not-at-all pretentious sounding comes as a real punch in the face to Irish men up and down the land and indeed, the many now based further afield.

The website in question, who only allow ‘attractive’ people to become members, publish findings every year revealing the percentage of applicants from each country that are accepted onto the site and according to the Irish Mirror, Ireland have finished dead last this time around, with only one in ten Gaels who applied to have their profile on the site accepted.

The result replicates our position at the bottom of the pile two years ago and having made an improvement last year when 12% of Irish applicants were accepted and we were only third from bottom on the list ahead of England and Poland, we’re now back at the foot of the table once more.

By contrast, Ireland is amongst the top ten nations when it comes to the amount of female applicants accepted (23%), with, surprise, surprise, Norway (71%), Sweden (62%) and Iceland (61%) topping the pile.

As far as the men are concerned, amongst the site’s five million members, the suave Swedish are the most popular with 60% of applicants accepted ahead of the boys from Brazil (41%) and Denmark (40%).

Although the news might come as a blow to the more vanity-conscious Irish male reader, we’re sure that if acceptance was based on charm, humour, wit, having an actual personality and generally being good craic rather than being subject to such superficial settings, we’d be well ahead at the top of the list.

That said, we still don’t believe that we’re the ugliest nation of chaps in the world either. That can’t be right, can it? Ladies, help us out here...