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Scary footage in Japan shows the reaction to North Korea's missile launch
This is eerily apocalyptic.


On Monday night, North Korea launched a ballistic missile which flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, before breaking into three pieces and falling into the ocean.

The Japanese Prime Minister denounced the move as an “unprecedented and grave threat” to Japanese security while South Korean officials claimed the missile flew further than any previous missile launched by North Korea.

Japan has called on the United Nations to put pressure on Pyongyang following their aggression.

In Japan itself, sirens wailed and emergency warnings were broadcast to the public warning them about the missile launch.

Videos of these moments have been uploaded to social media and show the eerie moments the warnings are going off, and the people waiting anxiously to see what's happening.

The alarms started after 6am local time, waking many from their sleep. The video below shows sirens wailing in what has all the hallmarks of an apocalyptic scene from a movie.


Credit: Twitter/ Shin Takizawa via Storyful

People across Japan reported the sound of sirens and announcements alerting them to the missile launch. In messages sent out to mobile phones, residents were warned not to touch any suspicious items they may find.

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