Shannon Airport reopens following removal of plane involved in "incident" 1 year ago

Shannon Airport reopens following removal of plane involved in "incident"

The airport was closed for approximately five hours on Thursday morning.

Shannon Airport has reopened after the removal from the runway of a plane involved in an “incident” early on Thursday morning.


The incident in question, involving a Boeing 763 aircraft, Omni Air International 531, occurred on the runway at approximately 6.15am on Thursday. Emergency services subsequently extinguished an external fire to the undercarriage and all passengers and crew disembarked safely from the aircraft.

Omni Air International is a civilian airline that transports personnel for the US military.

In a statement issued shortly after 11am, it was confirmed that the airport has reopened, but passengers travelling to and from Shannon have been urged to contact their airlines as disruptions have been caused to the flight schedule.

“Shannon Group has confirmed that thanks to the swift response of the Shannon Airport emergency services team, the airport reopened at 11.15am after the successful removal of a plane from the runway following an incident earlier this morning,” the statement read.

“As there has been flight disruption, intending passengers have been asked to contact their airlines. Updates are available on the airport social media channels. We would like to extend our thanks to the IAA (Shannon Tower Business Unit) and our airline partners for their support in the management of the incident.”

Further updates will be available on the Shannon Airport Twitter account.