Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon intervenes to save the life of Benjy the gay bull from Mayo 5 years ago

Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon intervenes to save the life of Benjy the gay bull from Mayo

Yes, your day did just get a little weirder…

Benjy the gay bull from Mayo looked destined for the slaughterhouse this week until terminally ill Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon agreed to pay the €6,250 necessary to save the bull from ending up on our dinner table.

Benjy is a Charolais bull from Mayo who hasn't been very effective in ‘doing the deed’ with the farmer’s cows. In fact, he has failed to impregnate a single cow on the farm and shows much more ‘interest’ in the other bulls in the field than in their female counterparts.

Poor Benjy was about to be dismissed from his job for poor work performance and begin his new career feeding the hungry bellies in the country when Sam Simon heard about the bull’s plight.

Simon (below right), who created The Simpsons along with Matt Groening and James L Brooks, was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago and given just months to live but he has continued fighting the disease.

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During his battle, he has pledged money to many humanitarian projects with the latest being the dramatic rescue of Benjy from his gravy-covered future. Simon has given €6,250 to save Benjy as well as €5,000 raised from other donations to rehouse Benjy in the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in England.

Simon got wind of Benjy’s plight through animal rights group Aran, who launched a campaign to save the misfiring bull. Plans are being made by Aran to transport Benjy to the UK on December 11, where he will live out the rest of his bullish days in the lap of luxury.

You still haven’t heard the best part of the story; you won’t be able to go see Benjy before he leaves as his exact location in Mayo remains a mystery because the farmer who owns him wishes to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule.

This could be our favourite story ever…

Hat-tip: Irish Independent.