Sinn Féin senator criticises Charlie Flanagan over "six counties" comments 1 year ago

Sinn Féin senator criticises Charlie Flanagan over "six counties" comments

No love lost between these guys.

Speaking on Monday, Sinn Féin senator Niall Ó Donnghaile hit out at Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan for comments made on Twitter over the weekend.


On Saturday, Flanagan had tweeted: "Sinn Féin propose that inclusive talks take place on a Border poll. Two years ago the electorate in Northern Ireland mandated the parties including SF to enter into talks to form an Executive. They refuse. Border poll now could inflame already tense political situation."

Flanagan also addressed the recent discussion around whether Met Éireann's forecasting should be all-inclusive for the entire island of Ireland, saying: "Good idea to explore the idea of All-island weather forecasting. By the way it’s Northern Ireland not ‘The 6 Counties’..."

Ó Donnghaile rebuked Flanagan for his tweets on Monday, saying: "Irish Unity is a central component of the Good Friday Agreement. It is a legitimate exercise in democratic expression. Those who advocate for it should be respected on the same basis as other political perspectives in Ireland.

"The people of Ireland voted in overwhelming numbers for the GFA, whereas Ireland did not consent to Brexit. I am baffled that the senseless and reckless dangers of Brexit are not the targets of Minister Flanagan’s ire; rather the potential solution, Irish unity, is his focus for attack."

Ó Donnghaile concluded by saying: "The Irish government have a historic and constitutional responsibility to work towards unity; Minister Flanagan should remember that."

The Sinn Féin senator has recently been outspoken on the issue of Met Éireann's coverage, issuing a statement asking why the six counties in Northern Ireland are not included in Met Éireann's weather warning graphics.