Six dead in Italian nightclub stampede 3 years ago

Six dead in Italian nightclub stampede

At least six people are confirmed dead after a stampede at an Italian nightclub on Friday night.

According to the Italian news source ANSA, five of the dead were minors, and the sixth was a woman who had accompanied her child to the event.


A further 14 people are said to be seriously injured, with as many as 100 people injured in total. The incident occurred at a Sfera Ebbasta concert on the east coast.

Survivors have claimed that the stampede began when fears arose that pepper stray had been fired into the Ancona venue. According to Associated Press, one of the survivors said that some of the emergency exits were locked when the attendees tried to escape the building.

Sky Italia TV has reported that the teenagers were all aged between 14 and 16, while the woman was 39.

The Italian police have opened an investigation into the cause of the incident.