More sleet and snow forecast as bitterly cold spell set to continue this week 9 months ago

More sleet and snow forecast as bitterly cold spell set to continue this week

Hopefully, it might start to warm up in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

It might not be as bad as last week, but it will still feel like the depths of winter in Ireland in the coming days, with more wintry spells and freezing temperatures forecast.

Parts of the country worst affected by the Beast from the East and Storm Emma are still recovering from one of the worst weather events in the country in decades and it’s not about to get much warmer anytime soon.

Met Éireann are predicting that temperatures will drop to well below freezing every night this week, with Wednesday, when temperatures drop to as low as -4 degrees, likely to be the coldest night.

Frost and ice will be widespread and Met Éireann are warning of “treacherous conditions” due to the freezing temperatures and the continuing melting of snow, which will lead to the accumulation of surface water and the ongoing risk of flooding.

Showers of hail and sleet have been forecast for Wednesday, with falls of snow on higher ground a possibility as wintry showers continue into Thursday.

There’s a chance of further snow falling on Friday, particularly in the northwest, as outbreaks of rain build in the south by early afternoon and spread to all areas of the country later in the day.

The outlook for the weekend is for milder but unsettled conditions, with outbreaks of rain and strong winds and temperatures barely breaking into double figures.

No sign of spring arriving for the foreseeable future, at least.