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Somebody has turned Tinder into a Gameboy-style game and it's as addictive as the real thing
Tinder meets the Nintendo Gameboy

How much time will you waste on this?

We know that a lot of people treat Tinder like it's a video game, but somebody has decided to take that mindset to the next level.

Millennial Swipe Sim 2015 is an 8-bit game that seems to take a few swipes of its own at the method through which this generation meets people.


The intro to the game reads 'Welcome to the world of app-based dating but watch out! Stop swiping and you might get too bored to live.'

The game is simple. It involves swiping left or right as quickly as you can to keep the boredom-meter from filling up and causing you to die. Our top score so far is 44 swipes before death being bored to death.

tinder game 2


Playing this game might make you think about just how much time you spend mindlessly swiping on Tinder. Play it here and try not to get hooked.

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