61 new speed camera zones to come into effect in Ireland today 6 months ago

61 new speed camera zones to come into effect in Ireland today

The zones are spread across 23 counties.

61 new speed camera zones around Ireland have come into effect on Tuesday morning (26 July).


The addition of the new zones brings the nationwide total to 1,373.

An Garda Síochána operate the speed camera zones via the service provider GoSafe.

Since GoSafe monitoring commenced in 2011, more than 2.2m fixed charge notices for speeding offences, both Intercept (Garda) and Non-intercept (GoSafe), have been issued.

The new zones are spread across 23 counties, with 49% on Regional Routes, 31% National Routes and 20% on other routes, such as motorways, and local roads.


The new locations were selected following an analysis of collated Garda data acquired from fatal, serious, and minor traffic collisions.

Other consideration was given to areas that were highlighted by local communities as areas of concern.

To date in 2022, there have been 94 road deaths in Ireland, an increase of 28 over the same period in 2021.


Here are the 61 locations of the new speed camera zones. Where there are more than one speed zones on a single road, the longitude and latitude will be provided:

R702, Wexford
R772, Wicklow
L2032, Kildare
R420, Laois / Offaly
R772, Wicklow
R212, Cavan / Monaghan
R772, Wexford
N69, Limerick
R403, Kildare
M4, Kildare
M1, Dublin
M11, Wexford
M6 (53.358812, -7.502059), Westmeath
M6 (53.39934, -7.829015), Westmeath
M8, Laois / Offaly
N11, Wexford
R772, Wexford
N15 (54.359784, -8.522433), Sligo / Leitrim
N15 (54.490398, -8.203269), Donegal
N15 (54.678167, -8.042266), Donegal
N21 (52.471404, -9.020695), Limerick
N21 (52.551305, -8.812588), Limerick
N24 (52.365333, -7.624309), Tipperary
N24 (52.361152, -7.499734), Tipperary
N25, Cork North
N25, Kilkenny / Carlow
N3 (53.986428, -7.31751), Cavan / Monaghan
N3 (54.039974, -7.378137), Cavan/Monaghan
N4, Sligo / Leitrim
N56, Donegal
N59, Mayo
N62 (52.900554, -7.797818), Tipperary
N62 (53.348583, -7.845681 ), Laois / Offaly
R108, Dublin
N1, Dublin
R163, Meath
R179,Cavan / Monaghan
R362, Roscommon / Longford
R364, Galway
R441, Laois/ Offaly
R405, Kildare
R409, Kildare
R418, Kildare
R445, Tipperary
R446, Galway
R418, Kildare
R610, Cork City
R630, Cork North
R680, Waterford
R700, Kilkenny / Carlow
R702, Kilkenny / Carlow
R725, Kilkenny / Carlow
R730, Wexford
R736, Wexford
R106/R809, Dublin
R415, Kildare
R138, Dublin
Gap Road, Kerry
Raheen Moor, Wexford
Ballybin Road, Meath
Station Road, Kerry