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18th Aug 2017

Steve Bannon has left his post as Trump’s White House senior strategist

Alan Loughnane

Big news…

Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has left his post after an internal review conducted by chief of staff John Kelly.

Multiple sources reported Friday that Donald Trump had decided to remove Bannon from his post, but the White House were still trying to work out the details until now.

A White House spokeswoman confirmed that he had left his post.

Bannon’s departure marks the sixth senior White House Official to leave the Trump Administration.

The former banker and Breitbart editor’s departure will mark a dramatic rise and fall as many credit Bannon with Trump’s victory in the election and also saw him as the real power behind the president.

His profile increased remarkably since the election and it’s rumoured this wasn’t to Trump’s liking.

He was given much of the blame for Trump’s failed travel ban and recently had an interview with American Prospect where he called the far right a “collection of clowns”, said there was no military solution to North Korea and said the left’s focus on racism would allow him to “crush the Democrats.”

It’s thought these didn’t go down well with President Trump.

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