First batch of cancelled Irish flights due to Storm Emma have been announced 5 years ago

First batch of cancelled Irish flights due to Storm Emma have been announced

We imagine these are just the first of many.

As the nation prepares to batten down the hatches in advance of Storm Emma aka The Beast From The East, the first cancelled Irish flights have been confirmed.


Most of the flights appear to be between Dublin and Heathrow in London, but do keep an eye on your flight details on the Dublin Airport website to see if you're flight has been added to the cancellations list.

British Airways have cancelled the majority of their flights departing from Heathrow and due to arrive in Dublin on Tuesday 27 February, as well as some Aer Lingus, with the following flight numbers and times already confirmed to be cancelled:

EI-157 at 12:10

BA-836 at 14:40


BA-838 at 18:20

EI-177 at 21:05

Additionally, the following flights departing from Dublin and due to arrive in Heathrow, have also been cancelled:

BA-837 at 15:30


E1-176 at 17:20

BA-839 at 19:10

British Airways have cancelled over 60 flights around Europe already, while Ryanair have also reportedly cancelled over 50 flights.

The Independent have given details on one flight from Manchester that left passengers waiting to board for over 27 hours.


The latest update from Dublin Airport still states that they are waiting to see how bad Storm Emma is before going forward with any bigger announcements of potential delays or cancellations.