SuperValu issue warning about potential scam affecting their customers 3 years ago

SuperValu issue warning about potential scam affecting their customers

Don't get caught out.

SuperValu has issued a warning to customers over a potential scam seeking to steal personal information from customers.


A fake message claiming to be from the supermarket is being sent to people via text and WhatsApp offering vouchers to people by clicking on a link and filling in a survey with personal information.

You'll then be prompted to enter personal details in order to claim your voucher.

SuperValu stated that the messages are not from them and urged people to delete such messages immediately.

"We want to issue a warning after receiving reports from members of the public of a text message scam that claims to offer prizes by asking them to click on a link and take a survey or by sharing personal data," SuperValu said in a statement.

"This has NOT been issued by SuperValu andĀ we advise to delete the text message if you have received it as it is a phishing scam.

"SuperValu never sends out competitions or data requests by text, so please be vigilant and delete the text if you have received it."

The scam is known as smishing. Put simply, smishing is any kind of phishing that involves a text message.


Oftentimes, this form of phishing involves a text message or WhatsApp message. Smishing is particularly prevalent at the moment because sometimes people tend to be more inclined to trust a text message than an email.