Survey reveals the Top 9 most annoying things about your boss 8 years ago

Survey reveals the Top 9 most annoying things about your boss

It's a list that could go on forever.

Complaints about bosses are the type of thing that everyone has a few of, but here are the top nine most popular offending incidents, as compiled by the Harvard Business Review.


1. Ignoring achievements

You cleaned the coffee machine, got all your work done and helped out your colleagues in a tight spot, and not even an acknowledgement from the boss.

Is it really that much trouble to just say "well done?"

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2. Not giving clear directions

They wander past your desk warbling nonsensically and follow it up with a simple, "that alright with you?"

You nod positively, because it's always good to be positive with the boss, but a slight panic wells inside you because you have no idea what was said or what has to be done.

An email would have been better.


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3. No time for employees

In a meeting, on the phone or leaving the office are probably the most common ways to contact your boss when you really need to talk to them about something and believe us, it can be frustrating.

Does the only form of communication have to be an angry letter?


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4. Not talking to subordinates

This is a cheap one.

Snubbing supervisors and workers is a head-melter and add a few more of these complaints and it won't be long before you have a very heated atmosphere in the workplace.



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5. Taking credit for other people's ideas

We're surprised this isn't higher on the list.

Taking credit for another person's work is an absolute killer. You genuinely can go on the Most Wanted list for this offence.

Mid-way on the list is too low for this misdemeanor.

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6. No constructive criticism

Having nothing good to say is never a good thing, and being positive is fundamental for the positivity of the entire workforce (See point 2) #positivity.

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7. Not knowing people's names

You've worked there for two years and the boss is still wandering past calling you someone else's name, it's just not a good look and it's really annoying.

For the 347th time, my name is not Cornelius.

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8. Refusing to talk in person

Talking over the phone and conference calling are just not the same as talking in person.

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Things end up getting misconstrued and messy, and no one knows who's supposed to be doing what.

So, our two week group holiday starts tomorrow, right?


9. Ignoring people's lives outside work

Not realising the fact that you have a family and friends outside of work is a disaster.

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Expecting you to work late, at short notice, three nights in a row is also not acceptable. You have a life and things to do.

For God's sake, has no one heard of Netflix?

We don't know if we feel better or worse after this rant, but it's always good to vent, right?

Hat-tip to i100