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03rd May 2022

Taoiseach calls on Russian broadcaster to apologise for “sinister” nuclear attack video

Dave Hanratty

Taoiseach Russia apology

The Taoiseach has condemned the viral video that shows Ireland being wiped out in a simulated nuclear blast.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has condemned a Russian State TV video that went viral in recent days, labelling it “sinister” and calling on the broadcaster to offer a formal apology.

The controversial video surfaced on Sunday night, depicting an animation of a nuclear weapon being launched at the United Kingdom, subsequently wiping out the UK, with the rest of the blast eradicating Ireland.

“This is so small that just one Sarmat missile is sufficient to sink it once and for all,” host Dimitry Kiselyov said.

Reaction to the video ranged from outright horror to people getting very upset at Ireland’s inclusion in what was referred to as ‘the British Isles’.

Speaking on Tuesday evening, the Taoiseach slammed the “sinister” and “intimidatory” video.

“It’s very sinister and intimidatory-type tactics by the Russian Federation but I don’t think anyone’s going to be intimidated by it,” said the Taoiseach.

“And I think it reflects a mindset that is worrying and not in touch with reality. I think there should be an apology forthcoming in relation to that but the more fundamental point I would think is that Russia should cease hostilities in Ukraine.

“The degree of bombardment and destruction of towns and cities and human carnage that has taken place is absolutely without any justification; it’s an immoral war that should end.”

Also offering his own explosive reaction to the situation – Minister Eamon Ryan.

Speaking to RTÉ News, Minister Ryan referred to the video as “disturbing” while indicating his intention to deliver an official Government response once the matter is discussed with Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney.

“In what world would that be seen as appropriate?” asked Ryan of the broadcast.

“In what world would that be seen as anyway something you would share and show? It’s a disgrace.”

Since the video first emerged, the proposed nuclear weapon is reportedly unavailable for use.

H I Sutton – a writer and analyst who specialises in submarines and sub-surface systems – shared an image on Twitter suggesting that the only Poseidon submarine, Belgorod, is in dry dock and is therefore unavailable.

“Despite Russian State TV threats of destroying UK (and Ireland?) with a Poseidon nuclear torpedo, the only Poseidon submarine is actually in dry dock,” Sutton wrote.

“Image from a few days ago but confident Belgorod is still unavailable. The submarine hasn’t been commissioned yet.”

Meanwhile, via his website, Sutton called the Russian TV segment on the Poseidon nuclear torpedo destroying the UK and Ireland “misleading”, stating it contains “errors and repeats unsubstantiated claims and hyperbole”.

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