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Wrap up warm, temperatures are going to plunge to below zero this weekend
It's going to be freezing.

Get the fire on and the warm blankets ready.

This week has already been a quite chilly one on the weather front, but it’s about to get even colder over the coming weekend.

Most of Ireland won’t begin to feel the impact of the cooler conditions until Saturday night, when temperatures drop to between two and six degrees.

It will be significantly chillier the following day, with the mercury dropping to as low as -3 in places on Sunday night with “widespread ground frost” according to Met Éireann.

Before then, it will actually be quite mild in most of the country, with midday temperatures reaching 13 degrees on Thursday and Friday and 10 degrees on Saturday, before it begins to get cooler on what is forecast to be a dry and sunny Sunday.

We’re likely to get plenty of showers and patchy drizzle on Thursday and Saturday, with more pleasant conditions forecast for Friday and Sunday, while the cold spell on Sunday night will continue into Monday morning before the weather grows milder as the week progresses.

Before then, however, make sure to take precautions to avoid this sort of situation developing on Sunday night...


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