Temperatures to drop to as low as -1 as we head into next week 1 year ago

Temperatures to drop to as low as -1 as we head into next week

We just need to double-check something... it is almost MAY, right?

We haven't been taken hostage by Thanos, who is using the time stone to force us to relive February over and over and over again, have we?

Because... this is no longer a joke.

There was a point when in late-March or early-April when we'd see a weather report with nothing but rain and wind and we'd smirk and think to ourselves "Oh, Ireland..."

That point is now long gone, though, as Met Eireann's prediction for the start of next week, and the first few days of May, and It. Is. Grim.


First thing in the morning, it will be with light winds and low temperatures of -1 to +2 C. So there will be a widespread sharp grass frost and possibly some mist and shallow fog around dawn. Later in the day, we can expect "highs" of 10 to 13 degrees Celsius, in light northwest breezes. Cold and dry for most of Monday night, but some rain may well push onto Atlantic coastal areas close to dawn.


The first day of May will be dry in eastern areas for a time, but rain will spread from Atlantic coastal counties gradually, with rain in all areas for a time, giving some heavy falls of rain locally. Top temperatures just 9 to 11 C. But this rain should clear eastwards later in the day or overnight. Frost unlikely, so that ... is something, at least.


Wednesday looks like being a cool, showery and rather breezy day, but occasional sunny spells too, while it should become less showery for Thursday.

So it looks like another few days of bringing a t-shirt, a rain jacket, AND a jumper, everywhere we go, all of the time.