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20th May 2014

The lightning in Galway this afternoon was pretty spectacular

This is meant to be summertime, right?

Conor Heneghan

This is meant to be summertime, right?

You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise with the rotten weather conditions in most parts of the country this afternoon; instead of beers and barbeques, brollies are the order of the day as heavy rain showers persist and, unfortunately, show no sign of stopping for the foreseeable future.

Galway rarely escapes the worst of the weather around these parts and that was the case again today when pretty-rough looking storm crowds gathered overhead out west and produced the fairly spectacular lightning strikes you can see in the pictures below.

lightninggalway lightninggalway1

Impressive though they are to look at (from a safe distance, of course) we’d much rather be basking in the sunshine at the end of May so if the weather Gods could sort us out with some sun in time for the June Bank Holiday weekend we’d be very grateful indeed.

Hat-tip to Rory Maloney and Aido Mc for sending the pictures our way