The most and least expensive places to rent in Ireland have been revealed 2 years ago

The most and least expensive places to rent in Ireland have been revealed

Your own area is probably here too.

According to the latest report by, rents have now risen by 70% on average - 87% in Dublin, 68% in the other cities and 53% elsewhere - from their lowest point.


For the 23rd quarter in a row, rents have increased - this is despite a nominal cap of rent increases of 4%.

Across the country, rents are significantly higher than a decade ago - even though general prices have hardly moved at all in the same period. In Dublin rents are 30% higher than their previous Celtic Tiger peak. In fact, Donegal is the only place where rents have not yet surpassed their Celtic Tiger peak.

Collectively, rents rose by 2.8% in the first three months of 2018, - that's the 23rd consecutive quarterly increase and the largest first-quarter increase since 2014.

Regarding the main cities, Dublin rents are now an average of 30% above their previous peak while in Cork and Galway, rents are 20% and 34% above the levels that were recorded a little over a decade ago. Outside the cities, the average rent is 13% above its previous peak.

In terms of the most expensive areas to live, a one bedroom apartment in South County Dublin will cost €1,541 while a similar set up in Dublin 4 will cost €1,484.

Similar accommodation in Leitrim costs €411 - that's the cheapest property available for anyone looking for a one bedroom apartment.

Here's the full list of average rent prices along with a detailed infographic.


Further information and the full report can be found here. Rental Report: Q1 2018 - An infographic by the team at