The third and final Irish contender for the trip to Mars has finally gone public 7 years ago

The third and final Irish contender for the trip to Mars has finally gone public

Irish woman Dr. Catherine McGrath could join Joseph Roche and Steve Menaa on a trip to Mars

A few months back, it was revealed that three people from our fair island had made the final list of applicants for a one-way trip to Mars.


Dr. Joseph Roche, who works at the Trinity Science Gallery and Steve Menaa were the two who had gone public with their applications, but last week all the remaining applicants had to do so too, and according to The Journal Dr Catherine McGrath is the third and final applicant from Ireland. In her application video, she outlines what she hopes to achieve, and why she is making her application.

The Dutch company in charge of the mission have been sifting through the applications, and it seems that originally, 850 people applied from Ireland. Surely things aren’t that bad here, are they? Anyway, they still have some trimming of the 1,058 people left, and they will hold interviews to determine the suitability of the candidates for the mission. They have already been submitting medical tests to ensure they're physically able to go, but perhaps the greatest challenge is the mental side of leaving forever, which is surely difficult to test for.

The final process of cutting down the list to the applicants who will eventually be shot in to space never to return may well be come a reality tv show also, but there's a bit of a way to go before they eventually land on the Red Planet, sometime in 2025, going by their current plan.

Hat-tip to The Journal and Mars One