There'll be no countries on Ireland's Green List from Monday 1 year ago

There'll be no countries on Ireland's Green List from Monday

The four countries currently on the list will be removed at midnight on Sunday.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has updated the government's Green List of countries from where people arriving into Ireland do not have to restrict their movements.


However, the department has confirmed there will be no countries eligible for Ireland's Green List when the updated list comes into effect on Monday, 12 October.

Currently, there are just four countries on Ireland's Green List; Cyprus, Finland, Latvia and Liechtenstein. These four will remain on the list until midnight on Sunday.

The list was initially introduced in July and is updated every two weeks, although it was not significantly changed until September.


It's unclear how long the Green List will be in operation as Ireland is due to adopt the EU-wide traffic light system for travel at some stage this month.

Under the plan, countries and regions would be given either a red, orange or green colour, representative of the incidence of Covid-19 in the area.

While theoretically this may open the door to allow Irish people to travel to more destinations, this will likely be dependent on Ireland getting the number of infections under control.