Theresa May requests a new Brexit deadline of 30 June 1 year ago

Theresa May requests a new Brexit deadline of 30 June

Brexit will never end.

As the United Kingdom hurtles towards a possible no-deal Brexit on 12 April, Prime Minister Theresa May has once again written to the European Union to request an extension on the withdrawal deadline.


The UK was originally supposed to leave the EU on 29 March, but May successfully sought an extension on that occasion as well.

Despite three "meaningful votes" and countless amendments, the House of Commons has not been able to agree on the withdrawal agreement accepted by the EU. The EU has said it is done negotiating its terms and will not discuss the matter further.

According to the BBC, May will now seek more time to convince MPs to vote for her withdrawal agreement. If the new deadline is accepted by those in Europe, Britain will have until 30 June to strike a deal.

Complications abound, as the UK would then be compelled to field candidates for European Parliament elections on 23 May. It has been touted that the EU may push back against May's request, and urge her into a longer extension period.

Our unofficial prediction, however, is that Brexit will never end, and that we will all be talking about it until we die.