These are the most attractive jobs to have when looking for a date 8 years ago

These are the most attractive jobs to have when looking for a date

Is it too late to get into medicine?

Always trying to maximize our knowledge of the opposite sex, have released a survey from its UK users showing what jobs are most attractive to women and men.


Presuming we are not that different to our neighbours, we can learn a lot from this survey.

Doctors are a hit with the ladies, with 6% preferring a medical professional over all other types of jobs.

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Next in line is the legal profession (also 6 per cent) followed by teaching at 5 per cent.


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Men, on the other hand, are looking for a teacher or a secretary with medical professionals coming in third place.

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Both men and women rated media professionals in the top 10 (phew) and men said they wanted to date a model as much as they wanted to date a woman in construction, which is 1.9 per cent.


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The top 10 professions that women are attracted to in men

  1. Medical/dental/veterinary (6%)
  2. Legal (6%)
  3. Teacher/professor (5%)
  4. Financial services (5%)
  5. Technical/computers/engineering (5%)
  6. Executive/management (5%)
  7. Self-employed (4%)
  8. Sales/marketing (4%)
  9. Political/government/civil service/military (4%)
  10. Advertising/media (4%)

The top 10 professions that men are attracted to in women:

  1. Teacher/Professor (5%)
  2. Administrative/Secretarial (5%)
  3. Medical/Dental/Veterinary (5%)
  4. Sales/Marketing (4%)
  5. Financial Services (4%)
  6. Legal (4%)
  7. Travel/Hospitality/Transportation (4%)
  8. Technical/Computers/Engineering (4%)
  9. Advertising/Media (3%)
  10. Political/Government/Civil service/Military (3%

Hat-tip to i100 The Independent