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20th Feb 2017

Thousands of empty Buckfast bottles found at the bottom of Galway river

Alan Loughnane

Some people had a good time…

A large number of traffic cones and “thousands” of empty Buckfast bottles have been found at the bottom of the Claddagh Basin, Galway.

The trove of rubbish, brought to our attention by The Connacht Tribune, was unearthed as part of upgrade works which will cost the council in excess of €100,000.

Speaking to JOE, Galway City Councillor Niall McNelis said that thousands of bottles of Buckfast had been found at the bottom of the basin along with traffic cones, costing around €40-€50 each.

“They’re draining Claddagh Basin,” Cllr McNelis said. “Basically it’s revealed around 50-100 traffic cones in the water. But you can also see literally thousands of bottles of beer and Bucky in the Basin.

“It’s built up over a period of years. Spanish Arch was unfortunately known as ‘Buckfast Plaza’ there for a while.

“But we’ve recently introduced new by-laws in Galway to curb drinking in public and public places. So I would say that, the number of bottles that you see there will be greatly reduced in the future.”

Cllr McNelis said that he would like to see an effort made the clear up the bottles and traffic cones over the next five weeks while the upgrade works are on-going.

Buckfast is a tonic wine, and will more commonly be referred to as a “Bottle of Bucky” (often in the same sentence as, “a few cans.”)

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