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31st Aug 2019

Thousands of fish wash up on Donegal shore

Rudi Kinsella

Donegal fish

Quite a scary scene.

Thousands of small fish have been found washed up on a beach in Donegal.

The fish were discovered at Downings beach on Saturday morning, with a number of reasons being suggested as an explanation.

A storm overnight caused heavy rain and strong winds and waves, which some people are holding responsible, while others have claimed it is result of a red tide – a toxic microscopic algae that kills marine life.

BBC presenter Barra Best shared a video of the fish, and it’s a bit of a difficult watch.

Really looks like the opening scene to a horror movie.

Amanda Meehan from Derry spoke to BBC about what she found when she walked along the beach, describing it as “really bizarre”.

She said: “This morning, it was just really bizarre. There were thousands of fish spread right across the beach.

“There were a few fish up near the sand dunes, which we thought was a bit strange anyway, but then, when we got onto the beach, we saw the rest of them.

“The whole beach is covered and nobody really knows why this happened.”

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