‘Tis fair windy out there and it will be for a while yet 6 years ago

‘Tis fair windy out there and it will be for a while yet

You’ll probably have noticed just how blustery it is outside today and it seems as if there’ll be no let up until tomorrow at the earliest.

Those of you who have had to wander outside already today will have experienced first-hand just how strong the winds are and even if you’re all cosy indoors, it’s hard to avoid the sound of the whistling wind outside.

Winds of up to and over 100kph were reported in certain parts of the country last night and Met Eireann have issued a Status Orange weather warning for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal, where winds are expected to reach 100-120kph tonight, and a Status Yellow warning for Munster and Leinster, with gusts of 80 to 110kph expected.

According to the Met Eireann website, the winds will moderate gradually but it will still feel cold and rain is also expected, particularly in northern areas.

The forecast for the weekend is a little better, with temperatures set to be normal or slightly above normal, with mild weather at night time and very little rainfall expected in 'settled' conditions overall.

It looks like we’ll be over the worst of the weather by the weekend then, but be careful for now because it’s still a little rough out there at the moment, isn’t that right Dougal?