Toblerones look set to revert to their original and much bigger size 4 years ago

Toblerones look set to revert to their original and much bigger size

Some good news for Toblerone lovers.

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2016 because the news cycle was dominated by these four things.


1) Brexit - haven't heard anything about that since, 2) Euro 2016 - we had good craic in France while Iceland ensured that football definitely didn't come home to England, 3) Boaty McBoatface - what a joke that the name didn't take, 4) the great Toblerone scandal that saw 'gaps' between the triangles reduce the amount of chocolate in the bar.

Christ, wouldn't you hate to be a remainer that loves Toblerones, football and comedy? Grim.

Anyway, while the handling of Brexit continues to be a laughing stock, this aforementioned individual might take solace in the latest report which states that Toblerones will revert to their original and much bigger size.

The Grocer have stated that the bar will be replaced with a new and bigger version that weighs 33% more, but there's some potential bad news brewing because the price could also rise by more than 200%.


The Guardian have stated that "one retailing source said that the new 200g bar’s recommended selling price is €3.46, although big supermarkets and large retail chains will be able to sell the bars on promotion at €2.50-€3."

At the time of the 2016 change,  Toblerone’s parent company, Mondelez, said that these wider gaps and the reduced amount of chocolate were only a “short-term solution."

They also stated that this new 'smaller design' was “not the right thing for the long term because of the iconic nature of the product”.

It should be stated that Mondelez haven't officially commented on these reports yet, but here's hoping that the quintessential duty-free purchase will now give you more chocolate for your buck.