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10th May 2018

A date has been set for the landmark meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un

Rory Cashin

In related news, there is genuine traction behind Trump getting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

It has been a very busy 24 hours in the life on Donald Trump.

First of all, he took to Twitter to declare the following:

That in itself would have been a good day for any sitting President.

But, and we think you’ll agree with us here, Trump isn’t just any sitting President.

No, because he also celebrated the return of three detainees who have been kept in North Korea, which, again, he took to Twitter to celebrate, this time with a highly produced mini-video:

Again, that by itself would be all kinds of fantastic, real feather-in-your-cap, legacy making stuff.

But, again, that isn’t enough.

As Trump also took today to announce that there has been a time and place set for him to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, making him the first EVER sitting President to meet with a leader from North Korea.

All eyes will be on Singapore come Tuesday 12 June, where we imagine the conversation will most likely focus on North Korea’s nuclear programme, which is interesting, considering earlier this week, Trump pulled America out of a long-held deal with Iran, effectively opening them up to go back to creating a nuclear programme.

Despite that, there is another conversation swirling around Trump, and it involves the Nobel Peace Prize.

The New York Times have reported that a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nomination for President Trump filed by eighteen House Republicans has begun gathering support.

If Trump actually does broker some kind of deal with Kim Jong-un regarding his nuclear programme and a potential peace deal with South Korea, it might actually become a reality.

Does Nobel Peace Prize winner Donald Trump sound any odder at this point than US President Donald Trump? Nope.

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