FIFA boss gives Trump a red card during meeting for 2026 World Cup 5 years ago

FIFA boss gives Trump a red card during meeting for 2026 World Cup

He suggested the President use it during his next meeting with the press.



Get it? Because Trump doesn't like the press? And if he wants to send one of them out of the press room, he can whip out the red card and then they have to leave? Because that is how democracy works? And also that is how football works, like if the referee just doesn't like one of the players - BAM! - RED CARD! - off they go.

Anyways, FIFA President Gianni Infantino presented Trump with a yellow card and a red card, as well as some soccer jerseys with TRUMP on the back, during their meeting in the Oval Office about the 2026 World Cup, which is being held in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

According to The Hill, Trump said that "We’re going to have a great partnership, and it’s going to be very special. I won’t be here. Maybe they’ll extend the term. If they don’t extend, the media is going to be very boring."

Yep, even if Trump wins his second term, he'll only be in office until 2024, but his influence may still be felt even then, despite the fact that he assured Infantino earlier that the U.S. government would welcome fans, athletes and officials "without discrimination."


This all happened in the same day that Trump was apparently Google-ing himself, didn't like what he found, and then accused Google itself of attempting to sabotage him in a potentially illegal way.


Busy day, all in all.