The US travel ban looks set to be lifted for vaccinated EU passengers 2 years ago

The US travel ban looks set to be lifted for vaccinated EU passengers

A major breakthrough.

Vaccinated passengers from the European Union – including Ireland – and the UK should be able to travel to the US from November, with Joe Biden set to relax Covid-related travel measures.


Per a report in the Financial Times on Monday afternoon, US President Biden will imminently announce the lifting of restrictions in what has been described as a "major diplomatic victory" for both the EU and the UK.

The White House is due to make an official announcement on Monday, ending the 18-month blanket ban previously imposed by former US President Donald Trump and later maintained by his successor.

According to the FT report, three people "with knowledge of the policy" confirmed that fully vaccinated passengers will be able to travel once the ban is lifted, as anticipated, in a matter of weeks.

Anyone involved in clinical trials for vaccines not yet approved in the United Kingdom will be allowed to enter the United States, with that policy estimated to apply to approximately 40,000 people.


It is expected that the Biden administration will unveil a wider framework with regards to international travel, intended to replace a "patchwork system" of individual bans and restrictions currently in place in different parts of the world.

President Biden's change in policy arrives at the start of the UN General Assembly which is taking place in New York this week.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin is among the international delegates in attendance, where he is expected to make a passionate argument on the subject of climate emergency and protecting future generations.