USIT to offer students hundreds of jobs on the US West Coast at their upcoming J1 job fair 2 years ago

USIT to offer students hundreds of jobs on the US West Coast at their upcoming J1 job fair

Brought to you by USIT. 

Go West!

The J1 visa programme has become a rite of passage for Irish students. It’s right up there with opening a new bank account to get some free gifts and making a sculpture out of beer cans in your living room.

These days, J1 students need to have a job organised before they go to the United States. That’s grand if you have an uncle/brother/next door neighbour/third cousin once removed who happens to run a business over there. Luckily for everyone else, USIT has partnered with hundreds of reliable employers to provide thousands of jobs in major US cities.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that places on the programme are limited. So anyone planning to flee the Irish “summer” and enjoy some sunshine in the land of opportunity needs to get their finger out before the deadline.

USIT’s J1 Basic and Premium packages are still available for summer 2018. If you already have a job sorted, the J1 basic programme is on special offer for just €179. However, you only have until 31 January to avail of this special offer before the price goes up.

If you still haven’t found a job, don’t panic just yet. USIT are holding a massive job fair in Dublin on 21 February and it will be packed with employers looking for pasty Irish undergrads to bring to the US. USIT are the only provider of J1 jobs on the West Coast and there’ll be reps from the likes of San Francisco, Santa Monica and San Diego there on the day.

Sign up now if you want to make all your mates jealous with post-summer stories of your American odyssey. Or you could just hang around here, enjoy that cloudy weather and count up the number of times that your GAA club’s first championship game gets postponed.

If you can’t make the upcoming fair in February, you can sign up for a virtual interview or catch one of the other J1 job fairs that will be taking place in the coming weeks.

Brought to you by USIT.