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23rd Mar 2017

VIDEO: Bill Clinton’s exceptional speech at the funeral of Martin McGuinness

Tony Cuddihy

“After all the breath he expended cursing the British over the years, he worked with two Prime Ministers and shook hands with the Queen!”

Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States, has just spoken evocatively at the funeral of the late Martin McGuinness, the former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland who died on Tuesday morning at the age of 66.

Clinton spoke with candour about the political situation in the North and invited a round of applause for Enda Kenny, following the Taoiseach’s address in Washington last week.

He also thanked Arlene Foster, First Minister of Northern Ireland, for attending the funeral of a man who was one of the IRA’s leading figures before peace broke out.

Overall, he spoke warmly of McGuinness’s efforts in finding peace in Northern Ireland and for finding a key place in the Irish political sphere.

This really is something.

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