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03rd Feb 2014

Video: Donegal beach is bizarrely covered in foam after stormy weather

Freezing cold outdoor salty foam party anyone?


Foam party anyone?

Normally renowned for its popularity with surfers from all over the world, Donegal’s Bundoran beach is fast becoming the place to hold a freezing cold outdoor salty foam party. If freezing cold outdoor salty foam parties are even a thing that is.

According to a report on the BBC, the beautiful beach was bizarrely submerged in huge quantities of sea foam after a particularly stormy weekend, as up to seven feet of foam was whipped up by high tides and gale force winds reaching 90km/h (60mph).

“It’s like cappuccino.”

Yes mystery Donegal man on the video, yes it is so it is.

Ah, it all takes JOE back to to our Club Fusion days in 1997 when we were a 14 year old raver. Good, foamy, underage times.

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