Video: GoPro captures cyclist being robbed at gunpoint 6 years ago

Video: GoPro captures cyclist being robbed at gunpoint

Scary stuff from South Africa but the thieves have since been arrested and the cyclist has his possessions back.

The ubiquity of GoPros these days means all sorts of incidents we would never have seen before have been captured on film. From meteorites in Russia to car crashes in Russia to, well, lots of other stuff in Russia to be honest, we thought we had seen it all but a helmet mounted GoPro worn by a South African cyclist has brought a very scary scene to light.

Posted on Reddit today by Leonlikethewind, and also posted on a South African cycling site called, it shows a mountain biker being robbed at gunpoint by three men. They take the bike, his phone, car keys and sunglasses but they don't touch his camera. The lead thief does look at it, but seems not to recognise that it has filmed the entire crime.

The cyclist passed on the video the police, who it is reported quickly found those responsible, arresting them and retrieving the cyclist's possessions.