Video: Santa is setting up shop in Ireland, according to the IDA 8 years ago

Video: Santa is setting up shop in Ireland, according to the IDA

Good news! At least we think so, as the latest video to be produced by the IDA says Santa is setting up shop in Ireland.

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) is the state agency responsible for foreign direct investment into Ireland for foreign overseas operations and their latest video is raising some eyebrows.


The video features some American bloke (why not Irish?) bringing us the ‘news’ that Ireland is to receive some unexpected investment from the big fat man in a red suit. Check it out below…

Here’s what the IDA had to say about the video on YouTube: “Ireland's success in attracting the biggest and best companies in the world is stronger than ever. To illustrate the point, here is the official announcement that the Daddy of them all is coming to town...

“We set our sights high at IDA Ireland. This short news broadcast illustrates the point with a light-hearted look at the reasons why Father Christmas himself would benefit from an Irish operation.


“Happy Christmas from your colleagues and friends at IDA Ireland.”

Okay, so the lads at the IDA were just having a bit of fun before they wrap up for the Christmas break, but the video hasn’t gone down too well in the comment section on YouTube with some commenters pointing out that the money spent on making this video could probably have been better invested.