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WATCH: Airport terminal evacuated in Orlando after camera battery explodes near security gate
Approximately 24 flights were cancelled as a result.

One passenger at the airport said that “it was pandemonium”.

Airline passengers were evacuated from the main terminal building in Orlando International Airport on Friday after a camera battery exploded inside a bag near a security checkpoint.

Orlando Police had to assure the public that no shots had been fired inside the terminal following reports of a loud noise in the building that had people running for cover.


It was subsequently determined that the noise came from a lithium-ion battery that had overheated and exploded inside a bag, forcing the evacuation of the terminal building and cancellations and delays to several flights.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, passengers had to disembark aircraft and go through the security screening process again, leading to massive queues for hours afterwards.

One passenger, Mike Robinson, told the Orlando Sentinel that “it was pandemonium”.

“People sprinted past the security checkpoint to take cover,” he added.

“Now they’re bringing people out of their gates, off-loading them to be screened again. There’s thousands and thousands of people… I look back and I see a sea of people.”

Footage recorded at the scene showed the aftermath of the evacuation, with several poles strewn on the floor at the entrance to the security gate.

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All security checkpoints have since reopened, while Orlando International Airport confirmed that approximately 24 flights were cancelled as a result.

A complete review of airport response will take place on Monday.

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