WATCH: This Kerryman's accent is an absolute joy to behold 4 months ago

WATCH: This Kerryman's accent is an absolute joy to behold

Absolutely fantastic.

From Malin Head to Mizen Head and everywhere in between, we're a country that's known for having a fine brogue.

In terms of the sexiest one, the Donegal lilt will usually top any list but each to their own. However, when an Irish person goes abroad, the accent takes on its own unique currency as our eargasmic accents only add to the natural charm.

Granted, if you're an eejit that can't string two words together, no accent is going to save you but we could genuinely listen to this Killarney man talk for hours, you know, despite the fact that we only understood about half of what he was actually saying.

Colm Flynn is a journalist that travel the world interviewing inspirational people for outlets such as BBC, RTÉ, and RFI.

During a recent visit to Killarney, Colm had a chat with a special character that's a bit of a local legend, his name is Sham.

What unfolds is one of the most intriguing chats that you'll ever hear as both men talk about Kerry, tourism, what makes Killarney so special, and the Guinness in O'Connor's bar.

A very friendly man that speaks passionately about his hometown but the accent is definitely unique.

In terms of local celebrities, after this interview has gone viral, we think Shaman could be as famous as Michael Fassbender, Colm Cooper, or Jessie Buckley.

Truth be told, we could listen to him read the phone book.

Have a look.

As Colm says below, he was well able to understand the chat after having a few pints. Fair play.