Temperatures to hit highs of 25 degrees in a mixed bag of a week 4 months ago

Temperatures to hit highs of 25 degrees in a mixed bag of a week

It’s going to be very muggy, but there’ll be no shortage of rain to cool us all off.

Temperatures will hit highs of up to 25 degrees towards the end of this week, but overall, the forecast from Met Éireann is nothing to write home about.

Temperatures look set to peak around the mid-20s on Thursday, with highest temperatures in Leinster, on a day where there will be plenty of dry spells and it will feel like summer again.

That’s about the height of it over the coming days, however, with heavy and thundery showers, a feature of the climate in Ireland in recent weeks, set to return on Thursday night and into Friday, when it will still feel very warm and very muggy.

Before that, Monday looks set to be a bit of a washout, with widespread showers across the country and Connacht and west Ulster getting the worst of it.

Patchy rain will be a feature of Tuesday and Wednesday, although Met Éireann says there will be “a lot of dry weather generally”, with temperatures reaching highs of 21 degrees.

As of yet, there is no indication of the type of weather that would justify the weather warnings that have been sadly frequent of late, but past experience has warned is not to get our hopes up on that front.