Here's how the weather is shaping up for the rest of the week and the weekend 8 months ago

Here's how the weather is shaping up for the rest of the week and the weekend

At present, there are weather warnings in place for five counties.

If you're living in Tipperary and Waterford, you'll probably want an umbrella at hand because a status orange rainfall warning is in place for the two counties.

The warning, came into effect from 3pm on Wednesday, will remain in place until 6pm on Thursday.

Met Éireann has warned that "heavy rain during the period will cause spot flooding" with "accumulations in excess of 50mm possible in some parts" of both counties.

The conditions aren't great in Kilkenny, Wexford and Cork either, where a status yellow warning will remain in effect until 6pm on Thursday.

As for the rest of the country, the next few days are set to be wet with widespread rainfall forecast by Met Éireann.

Thursday is set to see heavy rainfall in south Leinster with a risk of spot flooding. The best of any dry periods will be in northeast Ulster.

Thursday night is set to be a cloudy one with more outbreaks of rain - these will be heaviest over the eastern half of the country, with a continued risk of spot flooding in places.

Moving towards the weekend and the cloudy and wet conditions will continue into Friday with outbreaks of rain in most areas; persistent rain is expected to develop in the east.

Sadly, the rain will become widespread for a time, but it will mainly affect the southern half of the country overnight. It will be heaviest in Leinster, with a risk of spot flooding.

Saturday morning will also be cloudy with outbreaks of showery rain expected, rain which will again be heaviest over the eastern half of the country.

There will also be rain in the west, where there will be some bright and sunny intervals to provide some welcome relief.

Thankfully, these rainy conditions are set to subside on Saturday night with the rain and drizzle becoming light and patchy.

These drier conditions are set to carry into Sunday morning with the weather expected to be mostly cloudy with dry intervals after some patchy rain in the morning.

Sadly, the wet conditions will return later on Sunday, with persistent rain set to spread from the south to all areas by Sunday night, when it is expected to be heavy in places.

All in all, it's gonna rain.

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