This weekend's weather is looking up thanks to temperatures as high as 21 degrees 1 year ago

This weekend's weather is looking up thanks to temperatures as high as 21 degrees

But it won't stay nice for very long, so make the most of it.

You know what? We deserve this.

We all deserve a few nice sunny days, don't we?

It hasn't been a super great 2019 in terms of weather so far - any time we decide on what to wear, either the sudden heat will make us sweat it off, or the rain will give it another unrequested wash - and usually all of the best weather has taken place while we're all in work / college / school / whatever you do indoors with your life.

So it is good that we can look forward to this weekend and say with some certainty that it is going to be a nice weekend, weather-wise.

For some of the time.

In some of the places.

Thursday) and Friday will be warm but with threats of rain here and there, but Met Éireann's prediction for Saturday will make some of you very happy:

"Good dry spells will develop during the afternoon and evening in many inland areas, with some bright spells, but many Atlantic coastal areas will remain dull and misty. Quite warm in any bright spells, with maximum temperatures of 16 to 21 Celsius, but cooler on Atlantic coasts. Winds mostly moderate westerly."

Yep, if you're further inland, break out the t-shirts and suncream.

If you're on the coasts, dig into your rainjackets and... spare rainjackets? In case the first rainjacket gets too wet?

Sunday will see the temperatures drop down to between 14 and 18 degrees, with more rain, and then next week will see things get even colder and wetter, so enjoy your one day of summer this week while you can.