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This story turned out to be a bit of a roller-coaster.

Early on Friday morning, Associated Press obtained a memo in which details of Trump mobilizing 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants in eleven states across the country were revealed.

It wasn't long before Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer held a press conference and took to Twitter to state the White House's official stance on the topic:

While the AP report states that the governors of each of the eleven states would technically have to approve of the initiative, Trump could bypass that need by claiming it to be an emergency situation.

The AP also attempted to contact the White House in regard to the memo and received no reply, and while Spicer did deny the action was being implemented, he did not deny the existence of the memo.

Some are already claiming that the delayed response to the story - denying its accuracy after the story broke instead of giving a comment prior to its publication - will allow Trump to further feed into the whole "Fake News" angle he has pushed so heavily in his press conferences of late.


Expect more to come on this story once Trump makes an official comment on it, i.e. keep an eye on his Twitter feed.

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