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29th Jun 2020

WHO says “the worst is yet to come” in relation to Covid-19

Rudi Kinsella

Covid WHO

“The worst is yet to come. I’m sorry to say that. We fear the worst.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that Covid-19 is far from finished, warning that “the worst is yet to come”.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke at a virtual briefing on Monday, and offered a bleak prediction regarding the future.

Ghebreyesus spoke about the ongoing risk of the virus being present across the world, saying that “most people remain susceptible”, and that “the virus still has a lot of room to move.”

He said: “We all want this to be over. We all want to get on with our lives. But the hard reality is this is not even close to being over.

“Although many countries have made some progress, globally the pandemic is actually speeding up. We’re all in this together, and we’re all in this for the long haul.

“We will need even greater stores of resilience, patience, humility and generosity in the months ahead.

“We have already lost so much – but we cannot lose hope.”

“The worst is yet to come. I’m sorry to say that… We fear the worst.”

He also reiterated that a vaccine is still the most effective way of controlling Covid-19 in the long term.

You can read Ghebreyesus’ opening remarks here, and the full video below:

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