"It will take a few days" - Taoiseach warns country as 'Beast from the East' shows no signs of slowing 5 years ago

"It will take a few days" - Taoiseach warns country as 'Beast from the East' shows no signs of slowing

The country is in the grip of one of the worst storms since records began.

As Storm Emma continues to rage in many parts of the country, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned that it will take several days for things to return to normal.


The Taoiseach said that many roads remain impassable as a result of massive snow drifts such as these, and that more than 200 snow ploughs are currently doing the rounds across the country.

Flooding is now a major concern as the snow melts, particularly near sea fronts and mountainous areas, while chairman of the National Emergency Coordination Centre, Sean Hogan, has reiterated his warning to people to keep off the roads today.

"We are still in the middle of a very severe weather emergency with red and orange warnings in place," he said.

He said that it will take some time to get the roads safe and conditions will remain, "very difficult and dangerous" over the coming hours and days.


At Cork Airport, Head of Communications Kevin Cullinane said: "In 2010, our crews cleared 50 loads of snow. Already this week, we have cleared over 250 loads. Our own asset care crews and external contractors have been utilising 16 different pieces of equipment to clear the snow, including snow ploughs, snow blowers, diggers and sprayers."

Met Éireann's last update states: "Continuing very cold with scattered outbreaks of sleet & snow. The snow will be heavy & persistent across the S&E. Further accumulations will occur. Ulster & Conn will have good dry spells & the snow will turn to sleet in some coastal areas of the S&E. Strong E'ly winds. 0 to 3°C."