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17th Feb 2015

You can now turn your hilarious Whatsapp conversation into a book



You’re bloody hilarious… we just thought we’d tell you.

We know it, you know it, and sure as anything your mates know it too.

What’s this, they don’t?


What about all those hilarious quips you made in your GAA club’s WhatsApp group?

And what about when you shared all your amazing, successful Fifa tactics in a long-winded, but incredibly hilarious way.

They don’t remember that either?gif

Well, you’re going to have to do something about that, aren’t you…

JOE has come across this amazing company called Memeoirs. They turn your Whatsapp conversations into hilarious books so you can look back on them and laugh for years to come. The App also works with one-on-one FB chats and Emails.

You can also get them made into an ebook, if that is more your thing.

So the guys will never be able to forget about your comedic genius.


Granted, it could also be used for capturing special moments like when you messaged the family WhatsApp with news of an engagement.

Or when you and all your friends set up the five-a-side team that won the entire over-35’s 6-aside Ballygobackwards league.

But we still prefer the idea of some JOE printing a book of bad WhatsApp jokes…

We reckon the JOE WhatsApp group conversation would go to No.1 in the New York Times’ Best Sellers’ list.

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