If you've been waiting for a podcast starring Mattress Mick then we have some very good news 3 years ago

If you've been waiting for a podcast starring Mattress Mick then we have some very good news

Heading up our business show this week is the man who revolutionised the Irish mattress industry...who even knew it needed revolutionising?

The Capital B is like 'doing an MBA without being surrounded by a bunch of people called Oscar' (sorry Oscar). It's business without the jargon and it is back in zingy form this week with the King of Springs, Mattress Mick and beauty tycoon Marissa Carter, who was determined to tan our presenter Nick Webb.

Gunning onto the panel this week is Bobby Healy who talks old-school marketing techniques smashed together with the CIA style targeting of customers online. His insight into how companies track your online activity  will make you want to clear your cache, cookies and history immediately.

Dave McGeady, the creator of those mysterious tubes seen in the mouth of Rory McIlroy, talks about getting his nuts into the right hands and the stealth involved in packaging his seeds so they never break in transit.

There are many paths to success, the lotto and luck are definitely the most attractive but listening to The Capital B is 1000% more realistic scenic so get stuck in and check out some of the highlights below;

1.00- Interview with Marissa Carter
6.20- How Marissa came up with the idea that changed her life
9.15- Is the age of social media influencers dead?
18.18- Does a business need a star at its centre?
22.30- The Business Brainstorm, backed by AIB with Dave McGeady of Wyldsson Foods.
34.50- How to track people online and target them effectively
36.30- Interview with YouTube star Mattress Mick
44.00- How Mick came up with his online persona
50.00-Selling online, can it work for any product?