Brad Thorn, Damian Browne and Kevin McLaughlin on The Hard Yards 1 week ago

Brad Thorn, Damian Browne and Kevin McLaughlin on The Hard Yards

What a show we have for you...

Pro 14 permutations, Leinster's conveyor belt of talent, the South African experiment, sailing solo across the Atlantic, and basically winning everything you can win in the game of rugby all on the latest episode of The Hard Yards.

Host Andy McGeady and SportsJOE reporter Pat McCarry are joined in studio by Kevin McLaughlin and Damian Browne, while Brad Thorn also joins us over the phone.

1.30 - Andy's love of Leinster stewards
3.45 - The meaty Pro 14 finish
5.00 - John Cooney
7.00 - Leinster's crazy production line
12.00 - South African experiment
16.00 - English rules changes
20.00 - Brad Thorn interview
38.00 - Damien Browne interview
58.00 - Fan questions


The Hard Yards

This week: Brad Thorn on his career, Damian Browne on rowing the Atlantic and Kev McLaughlin on THY

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