This really cool new podcast could be perfect for your work commute 5 years ago

This really cool new podcast could be perfect for your work commute

Check it out...

If you're looking for something engaging, entertaining, and clever, then this new podcast will be right up your street.


Unfiltered with James O'Brien is premiering on Tuesday, October 3, and will see some of the biggest figures from sport, politics, music, entertainment and popular culture appearing in JOE's purpose-built studio in London.

Featuring on the first podcast will comedian, actor and radio host Russell Brand and future episodes will have the likes of Alastair Campbell, and Piers Morgan as guests in a series of in-depth interviews.


Each episode will be filmed and hosted in full on JOE's YouTube page and will be made available on all good podcasting apps and sites.

Speaking about the launch, JOE’s Head of Content, Evan Fanning said, “James is quite simply the standout interviewer in Britain today. It’s hard to think of anyone in recent years who has even come close to developing a style as arresting and commanding as his.


"Whatever the subject matter, James has a special ability to cut through the bullshit and get to the real truth of the situation, and that is what makes Unfiltered such an exciting series. We’ve been working on the concept for the show with him over the summer months and we think it’s going to be something really special.”

Unfiltered with James O'Brien is out on Tuesday, October 3. Don't miss it.