Bernie Sanders wins Democratic primary in New Hampshire 1 year ago

Bernie Sanders wins Democratic primary in New Hampshire

Sanders took a major step towards becoming the Democratic presidential candidate.

Senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire with 26% of the vote.


The 78-year-old was closely followed by Pete Buttigieg, who marginally edged the victory in Iowa last week, on 24.4%, despite there being some confusion over the results.

After his win, Sanders told supporters: "We are gonna win because we have the agenda that speaks to the needs of working people across this country.

"This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump."

He continued: "Tonight's victory has sent a powerful message that now is the time to think big, not small. Now is the time to have the guts to take on the corporate and financial elite of this country. This is our moment."

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren took third and fourth spot respectively, while former Vice-President Joe Biden finished in fifth.

Sanders has become the most likely person to represent the Democrats in the presidential election.

Both Andrew Yang and Colorado senator Michael Bennet have recently dropped out of the race.


Sanders' speech after winning the primary can be seen below: