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05th Oct 2019

“A lot of English people are stuck in 1939” – Bonnie Greer doubles down on Brexit comments

Rudi Kinsella

bonnie greer

Bonnie Greer captured Irish hearts during the week, and she has done it again here.

On BBC’s Question Time on Thursday night, novelist and journalist Bonnie Greer won a lot of fans with her analysis of Britain’s attitude towards Brexit.

Most notably, she said: “Often at times, I hear people talking about Ireland as if this country (UK) owns Ireland. Ireland owes this country nothing. Ireland owes this country no concessions, it owes it no quarter, it owes it nothing.”

And she has since doubled down on her passionate opinions, and emphasised the importance of Ireland’s power when it comes to trading, and Brexit negotiations as a whole.

Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast on Saturday, she said: “A lot of English are walking around actually stuck, not in 2019, but in 1939.

“People of the United Kingdom don’t seem to have a lot of understanding about Ireland.”

She continued: “That partly is because the Conservative Party, which has a stake in keeping a relationship with the DUP because their coalition partner doesn’t choose to actually emphasise the fact that Northern Ireland is evolved.  Northern Ireland voted remain, and for good reason I’m sure. None of this is on the table for the majority of British people who are very heavily dependent on the press.

“They go around looking at Ireland like it’s some sort of evil, sneaky, treacherous entity, when Ireland is Europe, Ireland has enormous power, Ireland is a major trading power.

“I mean, how stupid can you be?”

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