Corbyn: 'No-Deal Brexit will leave the UK at the mercy of Trump' 10 months ago

Corbyn: 'No-Deal Brexit will leave the UK at the mercy of Trump'

The party leader is willing to do whatever it takes to "stop the no-deal Brexit disaster in its tracks".

In an article written for The Independent, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson of "cosying up" to US President Donald Trump, as a no-deal Brexit is something that Trump may want for the UK.

As Corbyn describes it, a no-deal Brexit would "at the mercy of Trump and the big US corporations dying to get their teeth into our NHS, sound the death knell for our steel industry and strip back our food standards and animal welfare protections".

Additionally, the level of uncertainty would allow the ultra-rich to bet against the value of the Sterling, as the value of the currency would most likely plummet should a no-deal Brexit be reached on October 31 this year.

Corbyn has stated that he and his party are ready to consider any and all plans in order to stop a no-deal Brexit from going ahead, as he plans to meet with the leaders of other opposition parties in an attempt to discuss tactics that will stop Johnson's plans.

"We want an injection of democracy so the people can decide our country’s future," said Corbyn in his article. "That could come either by Johnson having the courage of his convictions to test his no-deal plans in a referendum or through a general election.

"In that election, Labour will offer a referendum, with a credible leave option as well as the option to remain. Labour believes the decision on how to resolve the Brexit crisis must now go back to the people to have legitimacy."